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File Size: 2.04M
 Operating System: XP / Vista / 7
Release Date: February 26, 2015

Thanks to PC Darling. It not only helped to speed up computer, but also protect all my privacy.
- Lisa, Georgia, USA

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Scan, Repair, Clean & Speed Up Your Computer

Met such kind of PC problems as...

    Blue screen
    Slow speed
    Crash, freeze
    Error messages
    Messy leftovers
    Balky applications
    Tardy launch time

Choose PC Darling, you can...

    Fix PC errors
    Remove the balky programs
    Safeguard the PC privacy
    Solve out the IE problems
    Shred the unwanted files
    Remove the junk files
    Speed up computer performance

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PC Darling, which has been recognized as the most authoritative windows registry cleaner, highly specializes in fixing the common PC errors such as slow speed, crashing, freezing, blue screens, deadlock, error messages etc. It’s not just professional and practical but also user-friendly.

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Main Features:

Fix PC Errors
Scan and fix registry errors.
Speed Up Computer
Improve your PC performance.
Safeguard PC System
Avoid crashes, seizures, slow downs...
File Shredder
Shred unwanted files beyond recovery.

Features -- Intelligent Scan, Fix and Repair Technology

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speed up computer.
Fix Windows Registry Errors.
Fix blue screen, freezing, crashing, IE errors etc.
Revitalize System Performance.
Protect your PC, online activities & identity 24/7.
Provide industry-leading security without slowing computer down.
Permanently delete Internet activity and private files.
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